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Ridin’ — Ropin’ — Wranglin’ & Shootin’!
And then a full-body massage!

Dale (Evans) and I wanted to try everything on the Wildcatter Ranch. And believe me, we had to make some tough choices because of the extent of the activities available. Archery, canoeing, fly fishing, ATV tours of the ranch, mountain biking, hiking, riding, skeet shooting, airboating and so much more. Not to mention relaxing in the hot tub and infinity pool with the gorgeous view of the ranch.

Trail Riding. The first thing we chose was horseback riding. Now I’ve become “ascared” of heights and sitting on a horse puts you up there a bit. It’s been so long since I rode. Out on the trail with Wrangler Jay. (Who also does professional bullriding as a hobby.)Jay, one of the Wildcatter wranglers, was super about introducing us (mostly me) to the horses and how to control the horse and the reins. Dale (a/k/a Linda) rides a lot. Jay was patient, took us around the corral a few times until I got comfortable and then off we went on a gentle trail ride (my preference). It was great. The horses were fine quality (not old nags that you might get at some broken down stable back home). His instruction was very good and he paid close attention to his riders on the trail. We took a two-hour trail ride over that very beautiful country. Now ladies, if I can do this, you can too. And you will love it as I did. In fact, I can’t wait to go back out in the fall and ride some more.

Skeet Shooting? Yep, skeet shooting. Neither Dale Evans nor myself (Annie Oakley) had ever used a shotgun. And we Just call me Annie Oakley — learning how to handle a 20-gauge shotgun and actually hit some of the clay disks.

thought, “why not?” James was our instructor and, like Jay with the horses, his instructions were very clear and he was patient with us. The ranch has (I am told) a pretty sophisticated remote-controlled-release skeet set-up with the clay disks being released into the air from six locations on the range. He showed us how to load, hold, aim and shoot a 20-gauge shotgun. It was easy. And after a few tries, each of us blew apart a decent number of airborne disks. Before this, I didn’t even know what skeet shooting was. But we liked it and would try it again. It’s really satisfying when you hit one of those flying saucers!

Airboating on the Brazos River. I had only heard of airboats in the Everglades. The Brazos River.Well, the ranch bought one A pelican we spotted from the airboat.and runs guests up and down the Brazos River and into Possum Kingdom Lake. It’s a blast and you can see so much on the river.

Massage and Relaxation in the Pool. If you’re not into ropin’ and ridin’, you can just enjoy a cool drink in the Infinity pool and hot tub, overlooking the ranch to the west. It’s a terrific place to be at sunset.naturally designed infinity pool that let’s you peak over the crest of the hill down on to the ranch below. Better yet, enjoy a massage or reflexology service in the massage rooms or in your own guest room. Then go out to the hot tub and pool. We didn’t have time to schedule massage, but we loved the pool, especially at sunset. Althought, to be very honest, we didn’t “need” a massage after our busy day on the ranch. We felt great. But a nice massage wouldn’t be bad, either.

1) Oil Well Country.
This part of Texas has a lot of oil wells. One on the ranch was featured in a JohnWildcatter Ranch oilwell. Wayne movie called Hell Fighters, in which the well had a “blowout.” In fact, the term “wildcatter” comes from oil’s heyday — a wildcatter would go out and try unproven areas looking for oil.
2) Other movies filmed on or near Wildcatter Ranch include The Sons of Katie Elder and Lonesome Dove. This is the land where the real Marlow Brothers, depicted in the Katie Elder movie, actually lived. The land is full of history and the folks on the ranch are very proud of their heritage and that of the land.
3) Graham, TX is just a 10-15 minute drive up the road. We visited one afternoon — has a large town square and a number of little shops in which to browse.
4) Great getaway place. Wildcatter Ranch is ideal for a group of gals who want an “out of mind” body experience. Something totally different from their daily lives. Something fun with a bit of pampering thrown in for good measure. You’re not out of your mind, just out of your normal routine and it’s really revitalizing. Actually, would also be a good family place and even a reunion kind of place for families and friends.
5) Ropin’ and Wranglin’ Those Longhorned Steers. No, we did not rope steers or do any wrangling of their herd. But the point is, we could have. And that’s enough for me!

Did we like the ranch? Absolutely. It’s something so different from everyday life that you let yourself relax and try new experiences. Feels good. I like shopping, sightseeing, visiting new cities. But Dale and myself really felt like we were away on a long vacation, even though it was just a few days.

Anything we didn’t like? Can’t think of a thing! Really.

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