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Chef-Review of New York Restaurant wd-50

What do East Coast culinary types do on their day off? They take a train to NYC to sample some of the best Manhattan has to offer. Two young chefs from the Washington, D.C. area went to New York just to sample the fine culinary expertise of Wylie Dufresne at his notable Lower East Side Manhattan restaurant. Read one chef’s review as the duo experienced an 11-course dinner at wd-50.

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Manhattan Vintage Clothing, Antique Textile Sale

If you enjoy vintage clothing and appreciate the quality of antique textiles, get on a flight to New York! More than 80 antique textile and vintage clothing dealers will be featured at this Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show & Sale. Friday/Saturday — April 25-26. Check out the information at Manhattan Vintage. For the very best nonstop flights from Milwaukee or Kansas City — at very competitive fares, visit

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NYC Rocks for Day Trip Holiday Shopping!

holly-wreath.jpgShopping Trip Ideas — Even a Day Trip Option
There’s still time — and great airfares — for you and your girlfriends to shop NYC! If you can get 6 gals together, you can get a Travels with Tish-only group fare that permits roundtrip travel on the same day. How fun would that be? Or make that shopping trip in January for after-Christmas bargains!
Shopping News.
Here’s the latest news from the Lower East Side of New York.
shoe-shopping-gals.jpg(SoHo, Chinatown, TriBeCa, the Village, etc.) Check out the Web site for info and contacts. Greenwich Village. SoHo. TriBeCa. Chinatown. Little Italy.

Fun Links for Fashion Shopping
Manolo’s Blog – No, not Manolo Blahnik (for those of you who are Sex in the City fans), but Manolo the shoe guy who seems to know a lot about the world of shoe fashion. Very fun to browse this blog’s pages.

About: NYC for Visitors — Details on where to find the bargains in NYC. Also visit this page on the same blog for information on the top NY department stores like Henri Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman and others.

December Things to Do and See in NYC. Check out the holiday festivities unique to Manhattan.

Info from Travels with Tish. Don’t forget to check out my previous posts about New York City, especially the terrific shopping options in Lower Manhattan.

Have a great trip — even if just for a day!

1) Special Airfare for 6 (or more) Gals. Just $200 roundtrip (including all taxes and fees) for a one-day or overnight trip. Limited dates in December and January, but well worth it!

2) Maps of Lower Manhattan. Print out a street map and a subway map to put in your pocket before you go.

3) Hotels Rooms for 4 or 6. Not too many Manhattan hotels accommodate more than 2 in a room. But I’ve compiled a list that will take 4, 5 or 6 in a room. Fly together, room together — have fun and save bucks for shopping or theatre tickets!

4) Events in Manhattan. Check out the events that will be going on during your NYC visit — like the Holiday Market at Columbus Circle that runs December 1-24. Also the Holiday Market at Union Square runs through December 24. An opportunity to find those unique gifts you can’t find at home. You might want to check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Christmas tree and Neopolitan Baroque Creche — a perennial NY favorite.

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Manhattan Hotels — 4 or More to a Room

Manhattan hotels that accommodate 4 adults (or even 6) are very hard to find. When gals get together for a getaway, they usually like to room together — more fun, less cost. I’ve done some online research and have come up with a list of hotels that can work out well for a group. (Haven’t stayed at any of these, but they look pretty decent. I’d suggest you check out the Web sites and then visit to see if there are any reviews.)

Upper East/West Side

Midtown — Times Square/Garment District Areas

Lower Manhattan — Convenient for Chinatown, Canal Street, Little Italy, Ground Zero, SoHo, Greenwich Village, Staten Island Ferry, Battery Park

1) Private Bath or Shared? This is NYC — don’t forget to ask before you book whether or not your room has a private bathroom. All of these hotels I’ve listed do have private baths, but at least one or two offer both options.

2) Choose Your Hotel Location Around Your Plans. If you have a firm agenda, it makes sense to select a hotel nearby the majority of your activities. You can probably walk to more of those places. But if your agenda takes you all over town, location doesn’t matter — the subway can get you around town efficiently. Or cab it at night.

3) Don’t Try to Sneak In an Extra Person. If you book a room that normally accommodates 2 or 4, don’t try to sneak in a 3rd or 5th person. It can backfire. Hotel policies and fire codes may come into play. Some friends planned to put 3 in a room for 2 in midtown last spring. The hotel caught on quickly and requested they upgrade to a suite. You can always ask if a rollaway bed can be added. But because Manhattan hotel rooms are famously tiny, many double rooms just don’t have the floorspace for one.

4) Don’t Overlook Savings with Group Airfares. For New York City, 8 is considered a group on Midwest Airlines. Check out how this works. Going with a small group to NYC can be very fun and give each person more flexibility to see different things with one or two of the other gals. You can also use this deal to spend just one day in NYC if you’d prefer not to stay overnight. (You can get a lot done in NYC in just one day if you plan your itinerary well!)

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New York City: Unusual and Crazy Fun!

So maybe you have a visual image of New York in your head. Skyscrapers. Broadway theaters near Times Square. Elegant hotels and restaurants. The Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero. Empire State Building. Regular tourist stuff. It’s all good, but…

New York City is all of that and so very much more. It has crazy fun places to visit and oddities to explore. If you let it, the city can surprise you, delight you and entice you to visit again and again. I’m hooked!

What will I see on my next trip? YOU VOTE.
After hours of online research, I came up with a list of possibilities. Why don’t you pick one or two that you’d like to hear about and vote for it by adding your comment below this post. I’ll try to incorporate the most popular items into my itinerary.

1) Canal Street. For me, this is a must-do. I just can’t visit New York without catching the latest trends in knock-off purses and where the hot deals are being made. “How good of a knock-off can I find on this trip?” is always my goal.

2) A Cruise Around Manhattan Island. Ladies, we have a number of choices in this category and I’d like to try at least one of them. A Happy Hour Sail on the Harbor, Sunday Brunch or a Sunset/Harbor Lights Sailing on an 82 ft. double masted Maine schooner. Sounds very classy. Imagine sailing around the entire island of Manhattan! Check out the Classic Harbor Line.

3) Free Kayaking on the River. Seriously, free kayaking at the NYC Downtown Boathouse on the Hudson River.

4) Visiting the Trapeze School? Oh, that’s another rare commodity — a real trapeze school in a big top along the river. Has to be interesting!

5) Hookahs and Thick Coffee? Okay, this is a crazy thing, but it could be fun to check out the cafe — a somewhat clandestine little place in The Village that makes you feel like you’re in a foreign country. (Mmm, I wonder which of my girlfriends would be game for this one?)

6) Food/TV Fantasies? It might be fun to see if the real “soup nazi” (featured on Seinfeld) serves good soup and if he really tells people “No soup for you!” His soup kitchen is in midtown. Or maybe I should stop at the Magnolia Bakery, made famous in Sex and the City. That’s down on Bleeker Street.

7) Funky Shoe Shopping. My tip for shoe shopping is a couple of years old, but sounds worth pursuing. It’s a whole street of shoe shops — from sneakers to ballet flats all at bargain basement prices. I don’t think they’re designer brands, but sounds like they’re pretty trendy.

8) Rocky Horror Picture Show, Anyone? If you’re a people watcher, you might get a kick out of this. A theater in Chelsea features Rocky Horror Picture Show nights every Friday and Saturday. People come in costume, bring props, sing and dance and have a great time. Something quite unique to NYC. (I have no idea why that smiley face is replacing the number 8. I can’t change it. Crazy, isn’t it?)

9) Williamsburg in Brooklyn. This neighborhood sounds like it’s a must-do. Lots of up-and-coming designers, little shops, vintage stuff, emerging street art, lots of new restaurants. It’s an art scene that is quickly becoming the new Village. One of the clubs hosts a bi-weekly Williamsburg Spelling Bee for adults. I’d like to see the area before it goes mainstream.

10) Monday Night at The Iridium. Les Paul, well into his 90s, is a music legend who plays guitar every Monday night at this club at 51st and Broadway. He invented the electric guitar, has many Grammy Awards to his name and is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. His Gibson guitars are used by top musicians, like Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Steve Miller, Brian Setzer and others, who are also known to show up at the club to jam with Les. I’d like to be there when they do! (By the way, Les Paul is revered in his hometown of Waukesha, WI.)

11) Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. If you watch Law and Order, you’ve probably gotten the idea that Hell’s Kitchen isn’t such a great place. But my research radar tells me that it’s becoming a bit more upscale than locals would like — well, relatively upscale. Some very good and inexpensive restaurants are there as well as a weekend flea market that has become a hot spot for local celebs to frequent.

12) Washington Square. This NY landmark is rich in history. Probably made most famous by the “beatnik” era of the 50s. You’ll see street performers and artists almost every day, making it an entertaining spot to visit in Greenwich Village.

VOTE NOW. Just fill out the comment form below with the top places you’d want me to visit, so I can report on them after my next NYC visit.

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TIP: Don’t forget that you can see a lot of this stuff in just one day, saving the cost of a hotel. Check out this post for a $200 roundtrip fare.

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Take a 1-Day Trip to NYC — Save $300 or More!

One-Day Roundtrip NYC Airfare Just $200
Visiting New York City is a hot topic on my blog. I have at least 19 posts out there about different parts of the city and the myriad of things to see and places to shop. Inside St. Patrick’s CathedralMy blog statistics tell me that readers have a big interest in visiting NYC right now or in the very near future. The Lure of Canal Street and a number of other NYC posts have been top reading now for some weeks. So if you’re interested, it’s time to get out there and have some fun.

Such a Deal on Traditionally Expensive One-Day Fares. It’s tough to find a budget fare for one-day turnaround trips. A quick scan found one-day fares to NYC range from $544 and go up from there. But I can offer you a group discount of just $200 per person for a 1-day roundtrip (or even a 2-day roundtrip) to New York if you can get 8 friends together for the trip. Plus, a 1-day trip saves you the cost of a hotel.

8 Is Enough.
That may seem like a lot of people to travel with — but who Metropolitan Museum of Artsays you have to stick together once you reach the city? Pair up or 4-up and see the things that interest you the most. Canal Street for knock-off purses? The Guggenheim, Met or other museums? People-watching in SoHo? Fifth Avenue browsing? Then meet up at the airport for your flight home.

Here’s the deal:

  • $200/person is a group rate that includes all taxes.
  • 8-26 people can be in your group
  • Seats are based on availability. All of your group members must travel together on the same flights outbound and on the return.
  • This special fare can only apply to Tuesday or Wednesday travel. Go out and back on one day. Or go out on Tuesday and return home on Wednesday.
  • Designate 1 person to at as your group’s contact person.
  • Travel now through December 19, 2007.
  • Once group reservations are confirmed, a $50 deposit per seat is required, with final payment due 30 days before departure.
  • Contact Midwest Airlines Group Sales folks for more information and to make your reservation. Call them at 888-601-4296, then choose Option #1. (This group special is not available online.)
  • Use promo code GGG when you call.

Other City Options
This 1-day roundtrip option (or 2-day option) is available from:

E-mail me if you have questions about New York, Washington or Philadelphia at For all questions regarding the airfare deal, you must contact the Midwest Airlines Group department.

New York makes a terrific one-day trip for shopping, sightseeing, people-watching, dining or tours.!

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Try a Turn-Key NYC Girlfriends Getaway

Pick your price range. Pick your flight. Pick your hotel. One-stop trip planning.

Let’s face it, New York is a big city. It takes a lot of Internet surfing to find a decent hotel. To book your flight. To get show tickets, an airport shuttle or whatever else you want to include in your getaway. Have you ever considered letting the getaway planning pros put your getaway package together for you? Saves you a ton of time, a lot of headaches and money, too.

Midwest Airlines Vacations is currently offering some NYC package specials. Take a look at their Website and see how easily you can put together a hotel, flight and location all within a price that suits you and your girlfriends.

I’d suggest you base your hotel location on what activities you are planning for your stay. Here are some ideas and areas in which you might want to book your hotel.

Lower Manhattan Bargain Shopping. TriBeCa. Downtown Financial District. SoHo. Greenwich Village. (These would be the areas for Canal Street/Chinatown shoppers (knock-off purse heaven), Century 21, Ground Zero, street vendors as well as trendy shops in SoHo and the Village.)

Times Square. Theatre District. Not too far from Macy’s on 34th Street. Current shows include Chicago, Lion King, Jersey Boys, Rent, Monty Python’s Spamalot, Wicked, Hairspray, Color Purple and many more.

Midtown. Rockefeller Center (Today Show). Madison Avenue & 5th Avenue upscale shopping — Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Henri Bendel, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s on Fifth, Saks Fifth Avenue, Takashimaya. Also the Garment District.

Upper East/West Sides. Carnegie Hall. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim and lots of other museums. Very upscale boutique shopping on Madison Avenue including Barney’s New York. Central Park is right there — try dining at Tavern on the Green.

Meatpacking District. Very hot, very trendy area. Would appeal to the 20-30’s-early 40’s age group — if that is a market for you. Hotels, trendy shops, dining and chic clubs.

1) 2 to a Room.
Many NYC hotels will only accommodate 2 people to a room — with the price of real estate in NYC, hotel rooms are generally quite small. Check that out if you’re traveling with 3 or 4 — you may have to take a second room. I believe some of the “chain” hotels, especially around Times Square, may accommodate more than 2 in a room.

2) Use the Subway. Even though you may be focusing on activities in one area of Manhattan, feel free to use the inexpensive and quick subway system to get to another part of town.

3) Extra Perks. Of course, if you book a getaway package, you’ll be flying on Midwest Airlines — “The best care in the air.” Now that’s a nice start to any trip. But your package will also include 500 bonus Midwest Miles (plus flight miles) and a free pass to the Best Care Club at the Milwaukee airport — for those departing or connecting in Milwaukee. My girlfriend and I recently spent our pre-flight time in the quiet, restful environment of the Best Care Club — and now we’re spoiled. Coffee and pastries are complimentary. It’s the civilized way to wait for your flight’s departure!

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